MB Capital Ventures and Jon Roussel Funding Say Yes

90% of business owners are stuck living paycheck to paycheck and never reach their full potential due to lack of funding.

We get you the capital you need to get ahead and stay ahead.

Traditional Banking is rigged against you.

They only want to lend you money when you don’t need it.

They tie you down with small print that kills your future funding options

They require you to jump through enormous hoops

By the time you get funding, your competitors have left you in the dust

They don’t want to work with you if they don’t have experience in your industry

The list goes on…

The reason is… They only care about tying you down and minimizing their risk.

MB Capital Ventures and Jon Roussel Funding say yes when your banks say no.

We have access to hundreds of millions of dollars in capital that is specifically set aside for small business owners like you. There is plenty of money out there to help you grow your business, you just have to know the right people. We have been providing attractive funding options to small business owners for over 40 years. And we are just getting started.

We should talk if…

You have a startup idea

You want to buy new technology or machinery

You have a real estate investment in mind

You want to hire people

You want to invest in sales and marketing

You want to acquire a competitor

Or if you have ever said…

“I own a business and my banker turned me down for a line of credit and my clients “Slow Pay” me”

“I want to buy a business but my bank won’t fund the deal”

“I am a business owner and I want to acquire a new business or buy out my partner but the bank won’t let me”

“I can’t obtain funding for my business due to credit issues on my credit report or the amount of assets I have”

“I own my building and I need to get cash out for my business but the bank says I’m over extended”

“My bank won’t fund my startup”

“My bank won’t lend to me because what I need is not their core offering”

When In Doubt … Call/Email/Text Us!

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