Hello I am Jon Roussel with Jon Roussel Funding.

I am partnered with MB Capital Ventures.

We are a nationwide alternative lender. We do personal, business and real estate lending. We say yes when the bank says no.

We provide Commercial Lending for Business Owners who have issues with their current bankability, credit issues, acquisition targets their bank won’t partner on, or startup and working capital needs. Everything from $50k to $2mm in Business Loans to $50mm in Commercial Real Estate Loans. We also have a tax savings service for real estate owners.

Our motto is:  We say Yes, when the Bank says No!

We fund 80% of the loans traditional banks turn down.

With over 57 different loan types; it’s difficult to get declined!!!

Our specialty is funding Business Owners who have some sort of bankability problem with their current bank, credit issues, such as, low credit scores, bankruptcy, tax liens or short-sales and foreclosures.

The best part is that we approve our loans within 24 to 48 hours and most applications are one page!

Through our loans we are able to help companies purchase necessary items to Stay in Business, Grow Their Business and allow the Business Owner to Sleep At Night.

A Perfect Client for Me is if you hear a Business Owner Say: (Reticular activator)

“My bank won’t fund my startup

My bank won’t lend to me because what I need is not their core offering

“I can’t obtain funding for my business due to credit issues on my credit report”

I want to buy out my Business Partner and Grow, but the Bank won’t Fund Me

“I need to pull money from my Real Estate, but the Bank won’t let Me